EVE of the DOGGE




A minimum deposit of $500 is required to

hold a puppy. Dep
sits/payments are


Deposits/payments can be made in cash, 

or Postal money order ONLY

We prefer our dogs to go to pet homes. As 

such, they will be discounted on a 

spay/neuter contract, limited registration.

$100 refund on proof of alteration.


Puppies will be sold on a first come first

serve basis

No puppy will be considered sold until 

final payment is recieved

Shipping is available, but will be at buyers



If you are interested in one of our dogs,

contact us and we will send you the

appropriate contract for review. Once you 

decide to purchase a puppy, and we 

recieve a deposit, we will fill out all 

applicable information and send you a 

contract to be signed and returned to us 

along with your final payment. NO puppy 

will be considered sold until we have the 

appropriate signed contract, and full 

payment. Thank you for your cooperation.



ATTENTION-New policies in effect-please 

read before you contact us

Available puppies say what they are-are 

what they say

* Our prices are fair, and firm, they are 

not negotiable. No deals, trades, puppies 

back, or glad to pay you Tuesday-DO NOT 


*DO NOT contact us until you have 

researched the breed and are ready to


bring a puppy into your home. It is a 

long term commitment you need to be able


and ready to handle. It is not a spur of the


moment decision.

*If you need permission from your 

significant other, parents, children, act,

 get it before you contact us.

*We will not hold a puppy without a 


*DO NOT call as a third party inquiry for a 


*We will not place puppies anonymously,

 and we will not respond to anonymous 


*We do not allow visits with our pups until

 their first immunization-for their own 

protection. We will however send pictures 

and video to help you make your decision.

After that time, if you have a deposit on a


pup, or those seriously interested in a pup,

 who have read and agreed to our contract 

can make an appointment to visit the 

pups. This is our home, not a store.


We make every effort to produce happy, 

healthy, well tempered pups that will 

make a great addition to any family. 

 We guarantee all of our puppies. We will

 not lower the quality of our dogs, or the 

care they receive.


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